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Heart Work Heroes

Policy Plan 2022-2023

Mission, Vision, and Ambition


The goal of the Heart Work Heroes Foundation is to:

  1. Restore a positive image to healthcare and

  2. Invest in initiatives that inspire young people to pursue education and careers in healthcare.

We aim to achieve this by placing healthcare at the center of attention in every city through art, with the help of well-known and emerging regional artists. These artists are involved in Heart Work Heroes, their work forms the exhibition in the city, and ultimately, the proceeds from the auctioned works will be invested in the aforementioned initiatives.

Heart Work Heroes will be considered successful if the number of healthcare professionals increases significantly, thereby reducing the pressure on healthcare workers.


To achieve a positive image for healthcare, encouraging more young people to choose education and careers in the field. This should address the staffing shortages in healthcare.


To establish Heart Work Heroes both nationally and internationally as a symbol of a positive paradigm shift in healthcare. We aim to realize this through our exhibitions and auctions, where the financial support generated will be used to support local healthcare initiatives in cities.


The foundation aims to:

Short-term Goals:
In the short term, to positively and colorfully appreciate the healthcare sector for its tireless efforts and dedication.

Long-term Goals:
In the long term, to support healthcare by funding local initiatives in each city. The focus is on projects that aim to inspire young people to pursue education and careers in healthcare, as well as initiatives that make the field more attractive for current and future employees. The foundation also contributes positively to the image of working in healthcare.

Accessibility of Art:
The Heart Work Heroes Foundation believes that art should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, Heart Work Heroes also serves as a platform for locally known and emerging artists who wish to showcase their work. The sculptures of Heart Work Heroes are placed in publicly accessible locations whenever possible. Art is also a highly accessible way to address societal issues, such as the situation in healthcare. Many hospitals exhibit art because it has a positive impact on people, stimulates thought, and brings joy.

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Fundraising and Asset Management

Methods of Fundraising

The foundation's assets are generated through:

  • Revenue from organizing activities.

  • Auctioning the sculptures.

  • Donations, grants, gifts, and sponsorship income from companies.

The foundation operates on a non-profit basis.

Use of Funds

The funds are used in accordance with the objectives of the Heart Work Heroes Foundation.

  1. Operational Expenses:
    The foundation's revenue is first used to cover its operational expenses.

  2. Support for Similar Initiatives:
    The remaining funds are used to support other foundations or initiatives with similar goals as Heart Work Heroes, specifically those that focus on inspiring young people to pursue careers in healthcare and ensuring the sustainability of these efforts.

  3. Financial Buffer:
    The foundation does not aim to make a profit but seeks to maintain a healthy reserve to cover unforeseen costs and to invest in future cities where a Heart Work Heroes exhibition can be organized.

Asset Management

The board of Heart Work Heroes is responsible for managing its assets. Accountability is provided through a balance sheet and income statement. The board consists of three roles:

  • Chairperson

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

Remuneration Policy

The board members of the Heart Work Heroes Foundation do not receive any remuneration. However, expenses incurred by the board members can be reimbursed.

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