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What we do

Heart Work Heroes is a response to the heroes of our time: the people in healthcare.

Often forgotten and undervalued, we want to bring these people into the spotlight and simultaneously inspire the next generation to be enthusiastic about healthcare.

We achieve this by collaborating with artists from around the world to create the Heart Work Heroes sculptures.

After the open-air exhibition in a city, the striking and unique artworks are auctioned by a renowned auction house.

The proceeds from the auction are used to support healthcare. We do this by donating to initiatives that aim to inspire young people to pursue a career in healthcare and to initiatives that help make healthcare more attractive for current and future employees.

"We need to keep emphasizing what a wonderfully beautiful profession we have. Heart Work Heroes is a positive project that contributes to this, and I am happy to be a part of it."

- Diederik Gommers -


'Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and

leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.' 

- Harold Kushner -

The beginning 

Heart Work Heroes, a social enterprise, was founded by Herman Poort. Shortly after the birth of his eldest daughter, it was discovered that his partner had leukemia. With great hope, they fought the battle, but within two months, the struggle ended, and unfortunately, it was not a victory.

In those seven months, he became a father and his daughter lost her mother. What happened during those two months, largely in the hematology department, opened his eyes to the experiences of healthcare professionals.

What extraordinary people they are. It’s incredible how they manage to make such a difficult time bearable and hopeful.

Since then, the pressure on healthcare has only increased, especially with the impact of COVID-19.

This experience led Poort to establish Heart Work Heroes, his way of giving back. It is colorful, positive, and future-oriented.

Our mission

"Statue by statue, we aim to place healthcare on a pedestal. By highlighting these heroes and investing in education about careers in healthcare, we are building a vibrant future for the field."

Our Mission

Our vision

A healthcare system that is truly healthy, where a smile is the standard, and where enough people can work from the heart.

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