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Auction evening a great success

After a great exhibition in the center of Rotterdam, the Timmershuis and the Erasmus MC, the final piece of Heart Work Heroes Rotterdam was also a success, with a proceeds of 162,000 euros!!


We couldn't have wished for a more beautiful location than the 'Garden of Connection' in the Erasmus MC. Right in the heart of Rotterdam healthcare. The Heroes were positioned at the entrance to the courtyard where guests looked around to see which statue their sign would go up for. The stage was set up among the greenery and people could take a seat at the tables, to be entertained for an evening and to show that Rotterdam has its 'heart' in the right place and nothing turned out to be further from the truth.

Right in the heart of Rotterdam healthcare

Humor and content

With presentation duo Joris Lutz and Jenny van As, there was more than enough to laugh and that is important on an evening where you also discuss serious topics. Ger Vos managed to bring people together with his warm voice, just like the performance of the band DIT!

The icing on the cake was Brittany's story about how she started working in healthcare in the middle of the Covid outbreak in recent years and how this has only strengthened her drive. She was also an informal caregiver for her father who was terminally ill and died. A powerful young woman with a ditto story who was presented with a 'Pulse' statue by Diederik Gommers.

The Heroes

Under the watchful eye of the notary, the auctioneer managed to sell the images for wonderful sums, allowing us to look back on a successful first edition of Heart Work Heroes. An adventure that was supported by the people of Rotterdam, the artists and the business community in order to form a beautiful heart for the healthcare workers. With the proceeds we can now motivate the next generation to also choose this wonderful sector.



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