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Evi Beek about Rotterdam as a source of inspiration

Evi Beek is painting in her studio in the middle of the city of Rotterdam behind Central Station. She has just returned from a tour of Rotterdam, where she took photos of lost people, one of her many extraordinary fascinations.


Artist Evi Beek, studies Visual Arts at St. Joost in Breda. During this course she still experiments a lot with different styles and art directions, so when asked whether she can describe her art style she cannot yet give a complete answer, 'There are people who look at my work and know more about it than I do. I use quite intense colours, a lot of neon. It's a crazy combination of surreal images of lost old men and pigeons fluttering around.' She is very adamant about what she prefers to do: no matter how you look at it, I'm going to paint. Painting is the first medium I really feel comfortable with.'

'In an ideal world, this project would not have been necessary.'

Inspiration When we return to her extraordinary fascinations, it quickly becomes apparent that she also applied these fascinations to her Hero. This is how the city pigeon can be found on her Hero. Bram Ladage fries are also shown and there is also a municipal employee (wearing an orange jacket) who is leaning against the wall, busy with his token. All themes that, as she describes, perfectly represent Rotterdam. Rotterdam never stands still and is truly a mega source of inspiration for artists. I therefore really hope that this project will give the cultural sector in Rotterdam a real 'swinger', that is simply necessary.'

The care

The fact that Heart Work Heroes is committed to valuing healthcare staff is really important to her. 'It's all well and good that we are clapping on the balcony for healthcare, but it is simply ridiculous that MPs run out of the second chamber to prevent a vote on structural pay increases for healthcare workers. It is simply distressing to see that there is no room for genuine and proper appreciation for such an important professional group. I hope that my contribution can ensure that they get the appreciation they deserve, because they really deserve it.'

When asked what her future plans are with her art, she is actually very straightforward: 'As long as I can make a living from my art and therefore continue to pursue my passion, I am already a very happy person.'


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