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Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation

It’s always a pleasure to meet driven individuals, and Jacqueline Jonkhart, Director of the Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation, is one such person. With passion, she works in Rotterdam with not 'disadvantaged' but 'advantaged' children, as she calls them. Through S.V. Gio, they strike the right chord and reach the group that needs them most with their location in the Feyenoord district.


S.V. GIO was founded by Giovanni and Marieke van Bronckhorst. Both wanted to invest in the future of children, first through their foundation and later with their own club named S.V. GIO. With a fantastic team, they are dedicated to supporting children, under the banner 'Captain of Your Own Future'. The impact of their work continues to grow.

Making Children the Captains of Their Own Future is a Top Priority at S.V. GIO

With the support of Heart Work Heroes, S.V. GIO will set up a healthcare branch to introduce young people to the field of healthcare. Ultimately, a career in healthcare can only be 'discovered' by coming into contact with it, and that is exactly what S.V. GIO aims to accomplish. We will be working together to develop this further in the coming period.


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