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Heart Work Heroes officially opened!

We worked hard on it together, but on May 18 the time had finally come. Open-air exhibition Heart Work Heroes Rotterdam is a fact! 41 statues in the center of Rotterdam.

Opening With many more people than expected, we listened to the presentation duo, Diederik Gommers and Julia Tomecka. At the Weena near Kruisplein, Herman Poort talked about his adventure from idea to realization and Diederik asked artists such as Joep van Lieshout and Marcel Labrie questions about their images. Photography: Rick Arnold

"Heart Work Heroes fits Rotterdam, the street scene brightens up and will never be the same again."

Children It is clear that young people will become the next generation of healthcare workers and that is why it is so important to reach them at an early age. If you have 'caring blood' running through your veins, it is good to discover this as young as possible. That is why Heart Work Heroes focuses on young people. With the presence of 20 children from the Bloemhof district, organized by SOL, it becomes clear that the younger children are also concerned. When asked, 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' from Diederik to one of the children, she answers confidently, 'hairdresser'! To which Diederik says laughing, but in the hospital because we also need hairdressers there!

Photography: Rick Arnold

Effect If you are curious whether the images will grab attention, all you have to do is sit in the grass at Kruisplein. Almost everyone picks up their phone to take photos and, above all, to read where those colorful images come from. A great opportunity for us to communicate the goal. There will be many Instagram posts with @heartworkheroes in it, that's for sure!

Photography: Laure van Rooij Replicas Not everyone will be able to buy one of the city's statues at the auction, but that has also been taken into account. At KKEC in the Koopgoot in Rotterdam, 20 and 30 centimeter replicas of a number of large statues are sold. The hand-painted and limited figurines are clearly popular with people, because the collection is shrinking quickly!


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