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Rotterdam here we come!

After many discussions, a lot of enthusiasm, and a municipality that is fully cooperating in the realization, the time has come. Heart Work Heroes will take place in the center of Rotterdam at the end of 2021.


Especially in Rotterdam, a lot has happened recently. Erasmus played an important role in the news coverage, giving us daily updates from this fantastic city. Additionally, Rotterdam has a beautiful art scene and a 'get things done' attitude, which is very helpful when trying to achieve something.

Artists color the city and play an essential role in the culture of a city.

At the moment, we are busy with the production of the models and selecting a group of (mainly) Rotterdam artists who will let their creativity run free in designing the models we provide. The first model is already being worked on by Tymon de Laat, a Rotterdam muralist who has adorned the city with various fantastic works, including the 20x24 meter portrait of the Dutch Eurovision entry last year.

When will it happen?

Heart Work Heroes Rotterdam is scheduled for the last five weeks of 2021. The models will make the center of Rotterdam even more beautiful. In the coming period, we will make all the necessary preparations so that the 'heroes' will be embraced by the people of Rotterdam when the time comes! As soon as we know where the models will be located, we will create a map so everyone can walk the route and see all the designs.


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