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Students from Albeda Zorgcollege Compete for a Heart Work Heroes Prize


The Heart Work Heroes project is set to become the largest outdoor healthcare exhibition ever held in the Netherlands. Featuring over forty unique life-sized sculptures placed from Kruisplein to the Kop van Zuid, Heart Work Heroes expresses appreciation for our healthcare workers. The project aims to raise funds to inspire both young people and adults to pursue careers in healthcare and make working in the sector more attractive. Albeda Zorgcollege students are also contributing designs for the sculptures. A winner will be announced on Thursday, March 10.

On Wednesday, May 18, 2022, the forty sculptures, each standing 2 meters high on their pedestals, will be displayed throughout Rotterdam’s city center. Each sculpture is uniquely painted, largely by professional artists such as Tymon de Laat, Marcel Labrie, Barbara Helmer, Iwan Smit, Pietra Ligura, Clemens Briels, and many others. The winning sculpture from the Albeda Zorgcollege student will also be among them.

On March 10, 2022, the jury will include Herman Poort, the initiator of Heart Work Heroes, Caroline den Hartog, Program Manager Rotterdam Sterker door Jongeren (RSDJ), rapper/singer Bollebof, Henrita Abrafi, Welfare Coordinator Laurens Dijkvelden, and Corné Grootenboer, Deputy Director of Albeda Zorgcollege. Under the guidance of teacher Edith Knops, the winner will paint their sculpture during the open days at Albeda Zorgcollege on March 17 and 18.


The sculptures will be auctioned on June 30 in Rotterdam. The proceeds will support initiatives aimed at making healthcare careers more appealing to future workers. Only with sufficient healthcare professionals can we keep the sector healthy in the future. Projects, in collaboration with the Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation, will be launched to educate and excite children about working in healthcare from a young age. Other projects will begin after the exhibition, including those with Albeda Zorgcollege.

Rotterdam Sterker door Jongeren

The Rotterdam Sterker door Jongeren recovery program has ‘adopted’ three sculptures, which will be painted by young people. One of these sculptures will be painted by Albeda’s healthcare students to draw positive attention to working in the sector. The other two sculptures will be painted by youths in the Beverwaard and Noordplein neighborhoods and will be unveiled at a later date.

Committed to Healthcare

Heart Work Heroes, a social enterprise founded by Herman Poort, emerged after his oldest daughter’s birth when his partner was diagnosed with leukemia. This life event opened his eyes to the crucial role of healthcare workers. At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, he initiated the Heart Work Heroes project. The initiative has since garnered support from many, including Prof. Dr. Diederick Gommers, a member of the Heart Work Heroes advisory board. Mayor Aboutaleb described Heart Work Heroes as “a visible heart for our healthcare heroes.”

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