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The Heroes are back in action again!

The Heart Work Heroes are back again. After a long holiday, it's time to go back to work just like the rest of the Netherlands! And not just like that, because the Heroes will be seen together in the same room for the first time!


From September 3, our Heroes will be together in the Timmerhuis. The images will be exhibited here for the foreseeable future, before they go to their next location (this will remain secret for a while), in anticipation of the auction dinner on October 13. In the Timmerhuis they will be located on the ground floor in the atrium of the building, where they are accessible to everyone every day. Do you have to work during the day? Don't worry, the images can be viewed from early in the morning until late at night and even during the weekend!

It's time to get back in action!

Live painting by Joni Kling

Unfortunately, some statues are still undergoing rehabilitation due to the nightly events of May 25. The statue "Dancing for Heroes" by Joni Kling also needed some "minor repairs", which was ultimately successful thanks to your contribution to the crowdfunding (thank you very much for this!). To celebrate the fact that "Dancing for Heroes" has all its limbs again, Joni Kling will give her statue the finishing touch in the form of a live painting where everyone can watch! This will happen on Tuesday September 6 between

11am -3pm in the Timmerhuis.


After your visit to the Timmerhuis, you can no longer remember that one of our Heroes would look great in your living room? The Heart Work Heroes auction will take place on October 13, with a focus on healthcare. Curious? Send an email to and we will be happy to help you.



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