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The Sculptures Have Arrived in Rotterdam!

After a tense wait, numerous phone calls, and accepting that the process took longer than expected, the sculptures have finally arrived in Rotterdam. A 'tribe' of over 40 Heart Work Heroes sculptures is now on Rotterdam’s soil.

Workshops and Studios

The sculptures are now being distributed to various studios around the city, where they are enthusiastically welcomed by the artists. From their pristine white state, they are heading to different locations across Rotterdam, surrounded by paint tubes, brushes, spray cans, and other materials needed to bring color to life. While some artists already have their concepts in mind, others are still in the planning stages. One thing is certain: each piece will contribute uniquely to the city’s exhibition.

From Pristine White to Vibrant Art

'Robin Good'

The first sculpture to be completed is Tymon de Laat’s ‘Robin Good’, as it arrived in Rotterdam before the rest. Amid his international assignments, Tymon worked on his piece in his studio right across from the Central Station. His sculpture draws a parallel between Robin Hood, who was always there for those in need, and the healthcare sector, which provides essential care to those who need it most. As a sneak preview, 'Robin Good' has already been part of Tymon’s recent exhibition, and the reactions have been positive—so much so that he had to inform interested parties that the sculpture is 'not for sale' yet.


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