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Last Wednesday night, in response to the football match between Feyenoord and AS Roma, riots broke out in Rotterdam. To our great sadness, 9 statues on Kruisplein were completely destroyed during those riots. Pulled from the pedestals and trampled to pieces. A huge disappointment as Rotterdam had long since taken the images to its heart in that short time. Our artists are devastated. Their affected images can now no longer be placed on the street and can no longer be auctioned.

We want to save our project, but do not have the resources to restore or re-produce the footage. That is why we are trying to collect all costs associated with repair, production, transport, but also painting and installation through this crowdfunding campaign . Our artists have already indicated that they want to repaint the statues. If we work together to achieve this, we will get the statues back on Kruisplein and all healthcare workers will be rightly put in the spotlight again.

Our goal remains to auction all participating images. Will we raise more than our required amount with this campaign? We will then bundle all your contributions and use our auction proceeds for local healthcare.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much,



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