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What a bottle of Pol Roger can unleash!

After a beautiful day with Parkheuvel at the Horecava at the end of a bottle of Pol Roger, Lauressa Broos decides to take the empty Champagne bottle home. She just got a brilliant idea. The first pen marks are made; the beginning of a dream come true.

Making plates

It has been 1.5 years since Lauressa Broos decided to officially start working as an artist. She graduated from the Graphic Lyceum in 2018 and quickly discovered that she was not at all suited to sitting behind a computer from 9 to 5. She soon ends up in the dynamic catering life in the kitchen. “I couldn't cook at all, but through hard work and a lot of learning I was eventually allowed to work in the kitchen at 2-star restaurant Parkheuvel. I am really proud of this!” When she discovered that she has a talent for making plates, she came up with the idea of doing something with empty bottles. She quickly became famous for this.

Lauressa Broos describes her style as colorful “Contemporary art” with many personal touches. The bottles are lavishly decorated with this style and no two bottles are the same. “When someone requests a bottle, they often give bullet points of what should be included in it. This always results in a personal work of art.” Although Broos is known for her bottles, her work is more versatile than that. She also works on Christmas baubles, paintings and is the proud creator of Apollo, her Heart Work Hero.

'A friend of mine is a nurse and helped with my Hero for inspiration. She told me what she likes so much about her work. This really showed enormous passion for healthcare'

Acceleration n the past 1.5 years, Lauressa has already taken many steps in her art career, as

companies such as KPN, Effectory, Douwe Egberts and Schiphol have already knocked on her door for her works of art. She has also worked with many famous Dutch people, including Tino Martin, Steven Berghuis, Rafaël van der Vaart and Afrojack.

When asked if she can explain something about her completed Hero, she responds with enthusiasm. “Making this sculpture is truly one of the highlights of my art career so far. The idea that it will be in Rotterdam for a few weeks and that everyone can see it is really very special to me.” She says that the wings on the back of the Hero are a tribute to the healthcare workers in healthcare, whom she compares to angels.


There was no doubt in her mind when Herman approached her whether she wanted to participate in this project, as she has experienced healthcare firsthand and knows how important it is to have passionate people at the bedside. “My grandfather died of esophageal cancer in 2010. We have been to the hospital many times for this. This was also the reason for me to contribute to this project. I was 14 when I went to it

hospital and how healthcare workers welcomed us and did everything they could to make us feel better is truly indescribable to me.” She continues, “My best friend is a nurse and helped inspire my Hero. She told me what she likes so much about her work. This really showed enormous passion for healthcare.”


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