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Who is Tymon de Laat?

At 17, Tymon de Laat Moved to Rotterdam to Study at the Willem de Kooning Academy. Inspired by his father, who hitchhiked to Singapore in the sixties for adventure and returned with tales on a potato boat, Tymon decided to set off for Latin America with just a bit of cash in his pocket and no plans.

With a daily budget of $8, Tymon found it challenging to visit all the tourist attractions in Mexico, which led him to naturally follow the ‘low-budget’ route. It was here that he connected deeply with the warm and colorful people he met. “They are so friendly and interested,” he recalls, noting how he found himself smiling from ear to ear for no apparent reason—he was truly in his element.

"Heart Work Heroes is a positive project, and we always need that. There’s already enough negativity."

No Concept

During his travels, Tymon discovered that he could be happy with very little. Upon returning to the Netherlands with exactly $1 left, he decided to become an artist. For the first 10 years, he adopted the concept of ‘No Concept,’ which allowed him complete freedom to experiment and meet various people. Over time, this approach helped him develop his ‘language’ in art. The more he created, the more proficient he became, evolving his expressive style that often centers on people and is marked by the vibrant tones from his travels.

Tymon's unique background and experiences have significantly shaped his art, making his contributions to Heart Work Heroes both meaningful and impactful.

Robin Good

For his Heart Work Heroes sculpture titled ‘Robin Good’, Tymon de Laat focused on the form of the heart. By adding lines to the heart and using the concept behind Heart Work Heroes as a guide, he was inspired by Robin Hood. Just like Robin Hood, healthcare is there for those who are struggling. The motto, “Every patient deserves fair treatment,” reflects this principle. In recent years, healthcare workers have been bombarded with emotions and criticism, which Tymon has symbolized with arrows. The broken arrow represents their resilience, showing that despite the challenges, they stand strong and steadfast in their commitment to doing what is necessary.

Rotterdam Art Scene

“Heart Work Heroes is a positive project, and we always need that. There’s already enough negativity. I am also very curious about the exhibition. With so many different artists involved, it will offer a great insight into the diverse styles within the Rotterdam art scene,” says Tymon.k krijgen van de verschillende stijlen in de Rotterdamse kunst scene.” Aldus Tymon.


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